Students' feedback

  • “In the first place, I wanted to point out that I am highly impressed by the level of competence of ILTC teachers. My progress in the language is evident for the most part due to the unique and interesting communication-based method of teaching used at ILTC. I also liked the delightfully friendly relationship between ILTC teachers and students.”
  • “I liked several things in the School, among which are small groups, where you have an opportunity to learn more and understand material better, a very friendly, magnetic atmosphere created by ILTC teachers and students, and of course the educational methods used here.”
  • “Most of all I liked the fact that you start to speak very quickly here. This happens because at every lesson a lot of time is dedicated to interesting discussions and exchange of opinions.”
  • “I like ILTC for many reasons. You have a wonderful teaching staff, excellent, amiable relationship between teachers and learners, a special approach to presenting new material. When I am at the lesson, I don’t feel that I am studying, but in reality I discover a lot of new things. You are the best! Keep it up!”
  • “At first it was quite complicated: everything was in English. Even when we wanted to clarify something, we received answers only in English! But now I love it, it helps me to study the language faster.”
  • “I feel really at ease here. My positive emotions foster the learning process!”
  • “Here everything seems to be so simple, absolutely different from my school. You can freely say what you think and nobody will pull you up.”
  • “From the very beginning I liked the teachers. They are very friendly. They seem to be your friends, but not just the staff of the School.”
  • “What I like in this school is the attitude towards the learners. It is kind of unusual, it is respectful regardless the age of the student. Then there is an individual approach to everybody, which is amazing!”
  • “Everything becomes so clear here that you want to study more and more!”
  • “Before ILTC I tried to study English in two language schools, unfortunately without much success. But I really like it here! Good luck to you!”
  • “I’ve been studying Italian in ILTC only for one month, but I’m already in love with the School and I don’t want to go away. The people who work here are friendly and polite, and our teacher is the best in the world. Thank you for everything! I wish you more and more talented students and professional teachers!”
  • “Studies here gave me a new life!”
  • “Thank you, ILTC, for the quality teaching and the creative approach to your work. Special thanks to our teacher for the perfectly run level and benevolent attitude towards her students. I feel significant progress after the two months of studies, and my interest in the language has increased.”
  • “Your school is the best school in the universe!”
  • “Over the short period of time your school has managed to pleasantly surprise me, which is a big rarity nowadays. I wish you further prosperity and perfection.”
  • “We love you!!! Big thanks to our teachers!”
  • “Thank you, ILTC! I started to read books in English, and now I understand the lyrics of my favorite songs. I hope I’ll manage to excel in this language.”
  • “I am highly pleased to study English at ILTC because this school indeed uses the modern approach in the language teaching. Having all those qualities which good teachers are expected to have, the teaching staff knows very well how to help us learn English fast and interestingly. The most efficient interactive techniques and methods of teaching used by them, including attractive logical games, keep us being interested in learning of a new foreign language. At the same time ILTC ensures a friendly, pleasant environment for students, therefore we do not only learn a foreign language here, enjoying the learning process a lot, but also have the possibility to make new friends. I would like to use the opportunity to express my gratitude to those teachers who I have already had the honor to meet and who really helped me to improve my knowledge of English.”

    Eugenia Berzan, Chisinau, Moldova.

  • ILTC is the only place which convinced me that knowledge can be acquired while having fun. It is a school that fulfills its goals in terms of high level of English teaching. The classes proved to be very useful to me. Moreover, all classes being taught in English, the language knowledge acquired at ILTC enabled me to immediately adjust socially and perform well in classes and at exams during my studies abroad.”

    Chrisitna Schitco, Denmark.

  • “What I loved at ILTC were the teachers and the friendly and optimistic atmosphere the school created. Thanks to the fact that I gained a lot of confidence, I wasn’t afraid to speak English. I consider that self-confidence is one of the most important things a person should possess when going abroad. I definitely haven’t missed any opportunities life offered me.”

    Valentin Coseac, Seattle, USA.

  • ILTC was like a second home to me, I went there for 4-5 years - I completed all the 14 levels, I did TOEFL preparation and Conversation Club. I think I did EVERYTHING there! It was the place where I not only learned English, but also made tons of friends.”

    Gabi Covblic, Los Angeles, USA.

  • “I can say with certainty that the level of teaching is really high here. And what’s important, you feel the professional approach of ITLC teachers in everything. They know how to vary their teaching style depending on the level. For example, at first levels by mimics and gestures they patiently explain the meaning of every word, but now at level 11 the approach is different. Of course the material is getting more complicated, but the level of teaching is becoming even more professional. It takes about 4 years to complete all the 14 levels at ILTC. I think if you added one more year, you could get a University Degree in Foreign Languages.”

    Oleg Topa, General Director of “Constil”, Chisinau, Moldova.

  • ILTC is certainly the best language school! Our lessons are always very interactive. All the teachers here are different, but what unites them is a great and the most important quality – their competence!”

    Helen Matalasova, Chisinau, Moldova.

  • “It’s not surprising that more and more people are coming to ILTC to study foreign languages. In addition to the modern teaching approaches and materials, highly qualified instructors, there is a warm, friendly atmosphere in this language center that transforms the studying process into real pleasure and your group-mates into good friends. Student life is not confined to classrooms only, it also involves celebrations, contests, picnics and parties.”

    Alina Marcenco, Ministry of Finance, Chisinau, Moldova.

  • ILTC is not simply a language school. It is real art, not everybody can succeed to do something so highly appreciated. The doors of the School are open for all ages – kids, teenagers and adults. There is something inimitable in ILTC that attracts everybody, including me. For one thing, this is the friendly atmosphere and the positive energy that ILTC teachers share with their students. I was lucky to have become an ILTC student! I wish both the learners and the teachers lots of luck and happiness!”

    Valentin Avram, student, Chisinau, Moldova.

  • “It was my decision to come to ILTC to show my communication skills. I decided to study here because I need it in my future, because I want to study abroad. I was the first who came here, and then my parents decided to join me. They realize that they need English in their work with foreigners.”

    Vladimir Melnic, student, Chisinau, Moldova.

  • “When the school first opened, we were just a handful of teachers, but all native English-speakers and all with Master’s Degrees or international certificates in teaching English as a foreign language. Because we were trained in the newest and most effective language teaching methodologies, we could lay the foundation for what quickly became and continues to be a very successful language school. I remember when we started recruiting students in 1994, I was amazed at the demand for our classes. There was a great need for a quality English language school in Chisinau. It is very great to find now how much the school has grown, and it is particularly impressive to see that despite the growth, they are still being able to continue what we started 17 years ago without losing the personal touch the students valued so much.”

    Katja Stangelin-Kravetsky, Commercial Attache, USA, ILTC Director of Studies in 1994-1998.

  • “In my opinion, studying foreign languages at ILTC will help me achieve significant results in my life. Knowing a lot of languages is very important in your activity, in a dialogue with your colleagues abroad.”

    Dorian Chirosca, General Director of State Agency on Intellectual Property of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova.

  • “I have known ILTC since the very first day of its creation in 1994, and I have witnessed its enormous growth in the last 17 years. On behalf of International Community of Open Society Institute and International House School directors I’d like to thank ILTC for showing us all the example and setting up really high standards for the rest of us in the network.”

    Sergei Nesterenko, Head of Quality Assessment, International House World Organisation, Dnipropetrovs’k, Ukraine.


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Price List, 2019-2020

General English / German/ Romanian/ Spanish/ Russian/ Italian/ Teenagers / Kids

The course lasts for 7.5 weeks, the lessons are held 3 times a week, each lesson last for 120 min, which is 44 astronomical hours.
General English:

  • Morning hours (8:30, 10:45, )
    €149 = 44 hours per session
  • Evening hours (16:30, 18:45)
    €169 = 44 hours per session

Teenagers – € 149 = 33 hours (the lesson lasts for 1.5 hours)

Kids (5 – 7 y.o) – €139 = 22 hoursper session
Kids (8 – 12 y.o) – €121 = 22 hours per session

Romanian - € 149 = 44 hours per session
German – Adults– €149 = 44 hours per session
Teenagers – €149 = 33hours per session
Kids– €109 = 22hours per session
Italian - € 149 = 44 hours per session
Russian - € 149 = 44 hours per session
Spanish - € 149 = 44 hours per session

Preparationcourses for IELTS, Cambridge (FCE, CAE), TOEFL, Business English - € 189 = 44 hours

Teacher Training = 500 MDL

Private lessons (any language):

  • € 18 - 1 student (60 min)
  • € 10 - 2 students (60 min)
  • € 7 - 3 students (fee for each student) (60 min)
  • € 6 - 4 students (fee for each student) (60 min)
  • € 20 - Preparationcourses for IELTS, Cambridge (FCE, CAE), TOEFL, Business English
  • €16 –Skypelessons


  • New students – 0%
  • Continuing students (after 2 consecutive sessions) – 3%
  • Continuing students (after 4 consecutive sessions) – 4%
  • Continuing students (after 6 and more consecutive sessions) – 5%
  • Family discount – 5% for each member (parents, children, brothers/sisters, husband/wife)



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To enroll in the ILTC you need:
  • To make a call by telephone 022 29 29 88 / gsm 079 88 29 88 or come to ILTC at the address:
    43 Petru Rares St., and register for the test
  • To take the written and oral test at the set time
  • To inform the ILTC about your time preferences for lessons and purpose of training
  • To enroll in the group
  • To settle financial issues
  • To come to the classes on the first day of the session (the calendar of academic year in ILTC is here)