Summer-the English way with ILTC


Spring has just started, and the caring parents are already thinking of their children's summer holiday. Going ‘to granny in the country’ is out of fashion now, and the long-awaited trip to the seaside can only happen when parents also have their vacation. What about a camp in the countryside? But camps are different and many moms and dads are quite right to be concerned about sending their children away for so long. What’s left then? Dusty city asphalt, stuffy summer boredom and around the clock “staying in front of the computer”? It’s in tune with the times, but you might pity the kids, as they are yours after all!

However there is a way to spend summer not only having fun but with benefits as well: International Language Training Center is organizing a summer camp right in the middle of the city. ILTC summer camp is an oasis of amusement and entertainment, active recreation and educational excursions. Those, who are ready to start their journey of adventure to the Wonderland, gather here. Certainly, there are some regulations because even the most interesting adventures have to be planned!


What is it all about?

Modern parents will, undoubtedly, be glad to know that the rule of thumb at our camps is – we speak only English. And it’s no problem if your child has just started making their first steps in English! You’ll see how much better their speaking skills become in these two summer weeks they’ll spend at the camp. Impossible, you may say. It will be our pleasure to change your mind as their teacher will be a native speaker!

It’s no secret to anyone that we use communicative and interactive methods at our center. Our professionals are great at undertaking their main task - to help children feel free and get rid of their complexes and psychological barriers. It doesn’t matter whether it is an art class or an English lesson; swimming or land-sport competitions – the main thing is that all the children feel at ease and spend their time with pleasure and for their own good.


What is a typical day like?

Every day at our summer camp is different from the others. On Monday, it can be active games in the city park, on Tuesday – going on an excursion, on Wednesday – seeing one of the city sights. It’s impossible to list everything! At the same time, everyday activities are elaborated and selected in a way to give your child a balanced mix of mental and physical activities.


In general, a typical schedule looks like this:

  • 09-00 – a common get-together at the beginning of the day at the ILTC summer camp
  • 09-30 – 10-00 – going to the park
  • 10-00 – 11-00 – an outdoor English lesson
  • 11-00 – 11-30 – a nutritious brunch
  • 11-30 – 12-30 – active games
  • 12-30 – 13-00 – coming back to ILTC
  • 13-00 – 13-40 – a delicious lunch
  • 13-40 – 16-00 – swimming/drawing/crafts/competitions
  • 16-00 – 17-00 – an English lesson
  • 17-00 – 18-00 – creative contests, summing up the day
  • 18-00 – see you tomorrow, ILTC!

Have you noticed that the kids spend almost all of the day actively in the open air? So, this way not only will your child train their English speaking skills, but also develop physically and improve their health.

The program is designed to consider both the age-related interests and the maximum number of pleasant memories! Excursions in the city and to the country, visiting some notable places, accompanied by their new friends, will give your children a wonderful opportunity to broaden their horizons and learn many interesting facts about the history of their native country. And the parents will undoubtedly listen carefully and patiently to their children every evening, talking about the things they had learned that day.


Whom is it designed for?

In the summer vacation ILTC invites 6-12 year old children with the following characteristics:

  • a good mood
  • an ear to ear smile
  • friendliness

The desire to have a good time is essential!

To sign your child up for the summer camp, please call us at 022-29-29-88, mobile 079-88-29-88


Parents comments of previous participants:

Larisa VYRGU:

  • “My daughter spent two shifts at ILTC summer camps in a raw. I didn’t worry about her at all, knowing that she was spending her time fruitfully. And it was indeed so; my daughter came back with her vocabulary considerably supplemented by new English words and phrases. Besides that, I noticed some positive changes in my daughter’s behavior. She started saying ‘no’ to suggestions more rarely, and instead said ‘let’s model with plasticine’, ‘let’s read’ and even ‘let’s wash the dishes’ more and more often! No doubt, her creative thinking and independence were cultivated along with the communication skills in English which, by the way, I must confess I could never succeed in doing myself. You are magicians!”



  • “Five years ago, due to an ILTC language course, I mastered my English, which I was completely satisfied and pleased with. My son did similarly at his younger age. After several months of studying at ILTC, he expressed a wish to attend the summer camp. One might think, what could an eight year old kid learn, but his success was obvious. Probably, the informal atmosphere of the summer camp, which was wholly different from his school lessons, helped him to become free and open. Since then we speak only English at home. It’s more than a game: I feel that English makes us even closer. Thank you, ILTC!”

The calendar

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Price List, 2019-2020

General English / German/ Romanian/ Spanish/ Russian/ Italian/ Teenagers / Kids

The course lasts for 7.5 weeks, the lessons are held 3 times a week, each lesson last for 120 min, which is 44 astronomical hours.
General English:

  • Morning hours (8:30, 10:45, )
    €149 = 44 hours per session
  • Evening hours (16:30, 18:45)
    €169 = 44 hours per session

Teenagers – € 149 = 33 hours (the lesson lasts for 1.5 hours)

Kids (5 – 7 y.o) – €139 = 22 hoursper session
Kids (8 – 12 y.o) – €121 = 22 hours per session

Romanian - € 149 = 44 hours per session
German – Adults– €149 = 44 hours per session
Teenagers – €149 = 33hours per session
Kids– €109 = 22hours per session
Italian - € 149 = 44 hours per session
Russian - € 149 = 44 hours per session
Spanish - € 149 = 44 hours per session

Preparationcourses for IELTS, Cambridge (FCE, CAE), TOEFL, Business English - € 189 = 44 hours

Teacher Training = 500 MDL

Private lessons (any language):

  • € 18 - 1 student (60 min)
  • € 10 - 2 students (60 min)
  • € 7 - 3 students (fee for each student) (60 min)
  • € 6 - 4 students (fee for each student) (60 min)
  • € 20 - Preparationcourses for IELTS, Cambridge (FCE, CAE), TOEFL, Business English
  • €16 –Skypelessons


  • New students – 0%
  • Continuing students (after 2 consecutive sessions) – 3%
  • Continuing students (after 4 consecutive sessions) – 4%
  • Continuing students (after 6 and more consecutive sessions) – 5%
  • Family discount – 5% for each member (parents, children, brothers/sisters, husband/wife)



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To enroll in the ILTC you need:
  • To make a call by telephone 022 29 29 88 / gsm 079 88 29 88 or come to ILTC at the address:
    43 Petru Rares St., and register for the test
  • To take the written and oral test at the set time
  • To inform the ILTC about your time preferences for lessons and purpose of training
  • To enroll in the group
  • To settle financial issues
  • To come to the classes on the first day of the session (the calendar of academic year in ILTC is here)