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Whether you are a business person, a doctor or a lawyer, a specialist in marketing communications, a professional in finance or an IT specialist, you know pretty well that English is the internationally recognised language of communication. Speaking good English is not considered to be anything extravagant nowadays, on the contrary it is a must for modern business people and professionals.


International Language Training Center offers a range of specialised language programmes aimed to ensure the development of Business English language skills. The programmes ranging from short-term intensive to extensive cover such areas as business, finance, medicine, law, tourism and will suit any professional, either a top manager or administrative assistant as well as students with no working experience. Such specialised courses harmoniously develop General English and Professional English skills.


ILTC corporate programmes combine high quality teaching, tailor-made courses and good value. These benefits let ILTC boast such business partners whose staff have learnt English at ILTC as UNDP, Sun Communications, Ascom Grup, Metro, Coca Cola, Price Water House Coopers, EximBank SA Gruppo Veneto Banca, SA Schering Representation in Moldova, AXA Management Consulting, British Embassy in Moldova, Union Fenosa Moldova, as well as state enterprises such as Ministry of Finance, State Chancellery, RM Parliament Apparatus and Members of Parliament, RM Civil Aviation Authority, International Airport Chisinau, RM State Agency on Intellectual Property AGEPI, Academy of Public Administration and many others.


All corporate programmes are tailored to specific company's needs such as area of business activity, time availability, specific course objectives to provide complete satisfaction. The syllabus tends to be rather flexible so that its contents could be easily modified to meet the client's requirements.


ILTC corporate programmes benefits:

  • Highly communicative courses based on specific professional vocabulary allow to overcome the language barrier, as the main focus is on developing the speaking skills
  • There are programmes English for Top Management – one-to-one lessons tailor-made to what the student chooses to focus on
  • Professional English courses tailored to organization's specific professional needs and desires. Such courses will develop staff's knowledge of specific professional vocabulary and will increase the communicative competence by breaking the language barriers and allowing the staff to communicate with foreign business partners without the assistance of interpreters


The Professional English programmes include the following:

English for Banking and Finance

  • budgeting and financial forecasting
  • finance and accounting
  • financing international trade
  • investment
  • securities
  • banks and banking activity
  • financial statements and reporting


Legal English:

  • practice of law
  • contractual issues, negotiating instruments
  • legal concepts, liabilities
  • litigation and arbitration
  • lawyer/Client Interviewing
  • communicating with clients


Business English:

  • communicating with clients
  • customer care and PR
  • business approaches, business structures, business offers, reports
  • marketing and promotion
  • contracts and agreements
  • business correspondence
  • socialising


English for Medicine:

  • diseases and injuries
  • history-taking, examination, diagnosis, prescription and treatment
  • medicines
  • professional literature
  • doctor-patient communication


English for Marketing and PR:

  • what is marketing?
  • marketing research and analysis
  • products and brands
  • price formation
  • distribution channels
  • advertising
  • direct sales, product promotion
  • public relations
  • marketing in small companies


English for Hotel and Tourist Industry:

  • tourist industry key terms
  • presenting skills
  • negotiating and contracting
  • reservations
  • hotel and tourist industry management
  • marketing and financing the hotel services


ILTC also offers intensive one-day training programmes with classes held at the client's office at any time during the day or evening. The intensive training is tailored to the organisation's specific professional needs and desires. For example, an intensive training in English telephoning skills for company's receptionists and office managers.


Intensive language programmes for those wishing to prepare for an exhibition, presentation, interview in English. Each training focuses on learning key terms and vocabulary which is practiced in various activities and role games.


ILTC can assist in preparing company's staff for the internationally recognised language exams (TOEFL).


ILTC can assist in selecting a professional language course abroad.


For us at ILTC it is extremely important that our clients are satisfied with the language programmes provided. Whatever you need to boost your professional English, International Language Training Center provides it!

ILTC offers great value services for corporate clients

We will help you to achieve your goals and ambitions.

Dear Client! For any additional information please contact us on ILTC This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Alternatively you can call us on (+373 22) 29 29 88 If you are interested in ordering a Professional Language course for your company, please fill in the Offer Request. Our Corporate Programmes Manager will contact you soon.


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Price List, 2019-2020

General English / German/ Romanian/ Spanish/ Russian/ Italian/ Teenagers / Kids

The course lasts for 7.5 weeks, the lessons are held 3 times a week, each lesson last for 120 min, which is 44 astronomical hours.
General English:

  • Morning hours (8:30, 10:45, )
    €149 = 44 hours per session
  • Evening hours (16:30, 18:45)
    €169 = 44 hours per session

Teenagers – € 149 = 33 hours (the lesson lasts for 1.5 hours)

Kids (5 – 7 y.o) – €139 = 22 hoursper session
Kids (8 – 12 y.o) – €121 = 22 hours per session

Romanian - € 149 = 44 hours per session
German – Adults– €149 = 44 hours per session
Teenagers – €149 = 33hours per session
Kids– €109 = 22hours per session
Italian - € 149 = 44 hours per session
Russian - € 149 = 44 hours per session
Spanish - € 149 = 44 hours per session

Preparationcourses for IELTS, Cambridge (FCE, CAE), TOEFL, Business English - € 189 = 44 hours

Teacher Training = 500 MDL

Private lessons (any language):

  • € 18 - 1 student (60 min)
  • € 10 - 2 students (60 min)
  • € 7 - 3 students (fee for each student) (60 min)
  • € 6 - 4 students (fee for each student) (60 min)
  • € 20 - Preparationcourses for IELTS, Cambridge (FCE, CAE), TOEFL, Business English
  • €16 –Skypelessons


  • New students – 0%
  • Continuing students (after 2 consecutive sessions) – 3%
  • Continuing students (after 4 consecutive sessions) – 4%
  • Continuing students (after 6 and more consecutive sessions) – 5%
  • Family discount – 5% for each member (parents, children, brothers/sisters, husband/wife)



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To enroll in the ILTC you need:
  • To make a call by telephone 022 29 29 88 / gsm 079 88 29 88 or come to ILTC at the address:
    43 Petru Rares St., and register for the test
  • To take the written and oral test at the set time
  • To inform the ILTC about your time preferences for lessons and purpose of training
  • To enroll in the group
  • To settle financial issues
  • To come to the classes on the first day of the session (the calendar of academic year in ILTC is here)