English for Specific Purposes

Even if you can communicate in English rather confidently and accurately, you may still encounter situations when you need very specific English to achieve a specific goal. In such a case the General English programme may not be sufficient to meet the specific needs of learners.

ILTC offers a wide range of specialised language programmes including Business English, preparation courses for international language exams - TOEFL, Conversation Club and Cinema Club.

International language exams

Internationally recognised language exams are becoming more and more popular with learners of English. Some need an internationally recognised language qualification for studies or work abroad, others take these exams to hone their language skills, or to build a successful career in Moldova. A good preparatory course is the right route to the good exam results.

General Business English

It's obvious that your business results will depend not only on the number of business terms you know but mostly on how well you can understand and feel your business partner when you are on the same wavelength. Even the most experienced interpreter will not be of much help when you have to make an extremely important business decision. That is why any business person should have a thorough knowledge of Business English.

Business English programme at ILTC will suit the specific needs of any business person or professional.

Advanced Conversation Club

We do not teach you grammar for the sake of grammar. We teach you to communicate effectively, as communication is the ultimate goal of any language. The practical result of your learning English should be the ability to use English in day to day situations for common communicative functions. ILTC Conversation Club is the perfect way to practice your English speaking skills, communicating with peer students and language instructors, crashing the language barrier in a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere.

You should have Intermediate level of English proficiency to join the ILTC Conversation Club.

Cinema Club

Who doesn't like a good film? Moreover, it is a splendid way to learn more about the culture and lifestyle of the country whose language you are mastering. In addition it is a effective way to develop your English speaking skills, Watching feature films and documentaries will help learners of English to develop their listening skills, to enrich their vocabulary including the informal everyday language vocabulary, and of course to develop the speaking skills when discussing the watched films.

You should have Intermediate level of English proficiency to join the ILTC Conversation Club.


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Price List, 2019-2020

General English / German/ Romanian/ Spanish/ Russian/ Italian/ Teenagers / Kids

The course lasts for 7.5 weeks, the lessons are held 3 times a week, each lesson last for 120 min, which is 44 astronomical hours.
General English:

  • Morning hours (8:30, 10:45, )
    €149 = 44 hours per session
  • Evening hours (16:30, 18:45)
    €169 = 44 hours per session

Teenagers – € 149 = 33 hours (the lesson lasts for 1.5 hours)

Kids (5 – 7 y.o) – €139 = 22 hoursper session
Kids (8 – 12 y.o) – €121 = 22 hours per session

Romanian - € 149 = 44 hours per session
German – Adults– €149 = 44 hours per session
Teenagers – €149 = 33hours per session
Kids– €109 = 22hours per session
Italian - € 149 = 44 hours per session
Russian - € 149 = 44 hours per session
Spanish - € 149 = 44 hours per session

Preparationcourses for IELTS, Cambridge (FCE, CAE), TOEFL, Business English - € 189 = 44 hours

Teacher Training = 500 MDL

Private lessons (any language):

  • € 18 - 1 student (60 min)
  • € 10 - 2 students (60 min)
  • € 7 - 3 students (fee for each student) (60 min)
  • € 6 - 4 students (fee for each student) (60 min)
  • € 20 - Preparationcourses for IELTS, Cambridge (FCE, CAE), TOEFL, Business English
  • €16 –Skypelessons


  • New students – 0%
  • Continuing students (after 2 consecutive sessions) – 3%
  • Continuing students (after 4 consecutive sessions) – 4%
  • Continuing students (after 6 and more consecutive sessions) – 5%
  • Family discount – 5% for each member (parents, children, brothers/sisters, husband/wife)



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To enroll in the ILTC you need:
  • To make a call by telephone 022 29 29 88 / gsm 079 88 29 88 or come to ILTC at the address:
    43 Petru Rares St., and register for the test
  • To take the written and oral test at the set time
  • To inform the ILTC about your time preferences for lessons and purpose of training
  • To enroll in the group
  • To settle financial issues
  • To come to the classes on the first day of the session (the calendar of academic year in ILTC is here)