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ILTC Language Center. The best way to celebrate Anniversary is to help others!

The International Language Training Centre (ILTC), one of the leaders in the teaching of foreign languages in Moldova, has recently celebrated its 23rd anniversary. For some it may be a reason to arrange a banquet with magnificent outfits and a luxurious entertainment program, but ILTC is never looking for the easy way.

For the second year in a row, the birthday of the Center is an excellent occasion to hold a charitable intellectual game-marathon Quiz Night, from which all the collected funds are directed to "Hospices of Hope Moldova".

Got a dream, but no possibility ?!



We want to help you!

International Language Training Center - the leader in teaching foreign languages in Moldova invites you to participate in the contest!

You can make your dream come true by getting a scholarship for free studies in the best language school!

In order to become one of the applicants, you need to send a letter that will convince us to choose you!

The letter should not exceed 250 words and can be written in English, Romanian or Russian. The more creative and vivid the content, the more chances to win!

The deadline for submission of applications is 10 July 2017.

Do not miss the chance to change your future!

The offer is valid for:

  • children (14-21 years) from families where the monthly income of the only parent / guardian does not exceed the subsistence minimum (1972 lei)
  • children from large families, where the income of the only parent / guardian does not exceed the average wage by 5300 lei for the current year
  • children from families where the only family member is a person with disabilities or is a pensioner
  • as well as children with disabilities of the I / II group

To confirm your participation in the contest, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Report card for the last academic year (average score of achievement is not less than 8.5)
  • A copy of the birth certificate or identity card (passport)
  • 2 recommendation letters on behalf of the teachers / administration of the educational institution in which you are studying.

International Center for Foreign Languages
Ul. Petru Raresh 43, MD 2005
Tel. 022 29 29 88
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For more information, please contact Vitalii Arabadji, tel. 022 29 29 88, mob. 068089315

International Language Training Center is looking for English teachers for Young Learners (aged 5-15).



Our requirements:

  • Degree in Linguistics/ Foreign Languages/ Language Studies
  • Minimum of 2 years teaching experience
  • Availability to work on Saturdays
  • Strong sense of responsibility
  • Ability to build rapport with parents

We guarantee exceptional professional development opportunities, mentoring support and a comfortable working environment.

If you enjoy teaching young learners and would like to build a teaching career with ILTC, send your CV and a cover letter to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please note that only those applicants who closely meet our job requirements will be contacted to participate in the selection process.

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The calendar

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24 25 26 27 28 29 30


Price List, 2017-2018

General English / German/ Romanian/ Spanish/ Russian/ Italian/ Teenagers / Kids

The course lasts for 7.5 weeks, the lessons are held 3 times a week, each lesson last for 120 min, which is 44 astronomical hours.
General English:

  • Morning hours (8:30, 10:45, )
    €135 = 44 hours per session
  • Evening hours (16:30, 18:45)
    €149 = 44 hours per session

Teenagers – € 126 = 33 hours (the lesson lasts for 1.5 hours)

Kids – € 96 = 22 hours (the lesson lasts for 1 hour)

Romanian - € 114 = 44 hours per session
German – € 125 = 44 hours per session
Italian - € 125 = 44 hours per session
Russian - € 125 = 44 hours per session
Spanish - € 125 = 44 hours per session

Specialized Course The course lasts for 7.5 weeks, the lessons are held 3 times a week, each lesson lasts for 120 min . Preparation courses for TOEFL, Business English - € 160 = 44 hours

Teacher Training = 500 MDL

Private lessons (any language):

  • € 16 - 1 student (60 min)
  • € 9 - 2 students (60 min)
  • € 6 - 3 students (fee for each student) (60 min)
  • € 5 - 4 students (fee for each student) (60 min)
  • € 18 - TOEFL; € 18 - IELTS; € 18 - Business English

Russian/Romanian Language – 12 € 1 student (60 min)


  • New students – 0%
  • Continuing students (after 2 consecutive sessions) – 3%
  • Continuing students (after 4 consecutive sessions) – 4%
  • Continuing students (after 6 and more consecutive sessions) – 5%
  • Family discount – 5% for each member (parents, children, brothers/sisters, husband/wife)



Don’t Give up! Keep up!

In the last few days of winter at International Language Training Center there took place a professional development seminar. Ordinary…
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To enroll in the ILTC you need:
  • To make a call by telephone 022 29 29 88 / gsm 079 88 29 88 or come to ILTC at the address:
    43 Petru Rares St., and register for the test
  • To take the written and oral test at the set time
  • To inform the ILTC about your time preferences for lessons and purpose of training
  • To enroll in the group
  • To settle financial issues
  • To come to the classes on the first day of the session (the calendar of academic year in ILTC is here)