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The only language school with native speaking teachers! A quick progress without cramming within 7,5 weeks guaranteed.
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Speak a foreign language with no fear or hesitation
We are ILTC!
A Language Centre with a rich history. An immense family, united by the love for progress and foreign languages. 35 people are part of the teaching staff.
The total number of students has already exceeded 60,000.
27 years
of our students have chosen us based on the recommendation of their friends!
of experience in teaching, we have been working since 1994
of the lesson is dedicated to communication practice for a better language acquirement
Languages we teach:
William Shakespeare and
Billy Eilish's language
Salvador Dali and
Lionel Messi's language
Lev Tolstoi and
Oxxymiron's language
Mihai Eminescu and
Carla`s Dream's language
Immanuel Kant and
Rammstein's language
Dante Alighieri and
Monica Bellucci's language
Learning at ILTC is:
Easy and no cramming
All material is acquired naturally through speaking tasks.
75% - conversation practice
You will communicate regularly, train pronunciation and all communication skills, including with native teachers.
Free consultations
Missed a lesson? Don't worry, you can get free 1 to 1 consultations with your teacher.
Confirmed quality
Our teaching complies with European standards and is approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova. There are only two Centers In Moldova whose programs have been entirely accredited. Our Center is one of them.
Best teachers
Our teachers are certified by international organizations: Cambridge University, UK; School for International Training, USA; International House World Organization, UK.
Favourable prices
Ranging from 100 to 190 lei - the price for one hour (60 minutes) of learning. The price varies depending on the language selected and the age group.
Lessons with native teachers
Our teaching staff includes native teachers. It allows students to plunge into the natural language environment.
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Take a language test. It's necessary in order to define your language level, then select a convenient time slot for lessons and book a place in the online group.
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find out you level
select the schedule
book a place in the group
make an immediate payment or by installments
Take the language test to find out your level. It will take you up to 5 minutes.
We give a written warranty
for the studies
Since we are confident about the effectiveness of our teaching methods we indicate in the contract: if you have attended all lessons and passed the final level test with a lower than 75% result, you will be given a free repeated access to this same course, the same length.
Our star students
10% discount
If you kept saying "I will study later", then now is that "later".
What a great offer to be accepted now!
Our offer is valid only for the online format
Can't remember the words fast enough?
Can't remember the necessary word when having a conversation?

Find out a 100% working method, helping you to memorize words and phrases so that they quickly "pop up" in you memory at the appropriate time!
Grammar - how to understand it effortlessly?
Confused at times?
How long does it take you to formulate your ideas?

Our simple grammar teaching method will help you. You will master it easily and naturally in the process of communication.
2 months can foster a breakthrough
Everyone will notice it!

Do you know people who have been learning English for years but aren't making any progress?
ILTC achievements
In 2018, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova along with ANACEC (National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research) accredited the International Language Training Center (ILTC) education programs in six languages for a period of five years. This indicates that ILTC programs meet all the requirements established by state standards for educational institutions.

In May 2019, according to the results of an external evaluation of ILTC work, ANACEC (National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research) awarded ILTC an honorary award "Quality Crystal" and a diploma of gratitude for the appreciation for the promotion of a quality culture of continuing professional education programs in the field of modern languages.
In March 2019, the International Language Training Center became an authorized center to deliver Cambridge Exam preparation course and was registered on the Cambridge English for Centers portal.
In October 2018, the State Tax Service granted ILTC the status of a "High Reliability Taxpayer". The corresponding certificate was handed to the Center in gratitude for the timely payment of state taxes for over many years and for the correct and timely preparation as well as delivery of tax reports.
In August 2018, ILTC employees took part in the "Best Companies to Work For" research. The International Language Training Center took the 5th place in the ranking among the medium-sized companies.
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