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Since we are confident about the effectiveness of our teaching methods we indicate in the contract: if you have attended all lessons and passed the final level test with a lower than 75% result, you will be given a free repeated access to this same course, the same length.
Romanian for adults
Intensive group and individual lessons allow you to start communicating in Romanian in just four weeks. The course is designed to quickly achieve results, so teachers pay more attention to everyday phrases and listening. Grammar, which is taught in a popular and interactive form, is used as a means to realize the main priority - the ability to communicate in the Romanian language. Any special terminology is not studied during the course; it will become clear for every student after mastering the language.
Session duration:
7,5 weeks
monday - wednesday - friday or
tuesday - thursday - saturday
Lesson duration:
120 min
8:30, 10:45, 16:30, 18:45
Session price:
Offline: 254€ *
* payment in MDL according to the National Bank of Moldova currency rate on the day of payment
of our students have chosen us based on the recommendation of their friends!
29 years
of experience in teaching, we have been working since 1994
of the lesson is dedicated to communication practice for a better language acquirement
qualified teachers with TESOL certification
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Can't remember the words fast enough?
Can't remember the necessary word when having a conversation?

Find out a 100% working method, helping you to memorize words and phrases so that they quickly "pop up" in you memory at the appropriate time!
Grammar - how to understand it effortlessly?
Confused at times?
How long does it take you to formulate your ideas?

Our simple grammar teaching method will help you. You will master it easily and naturally in the process of communication.
2 months can foster a breakthrough
Everyone will notice it!

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